The Columbarium

Creating a sacred space of final repose

In November 2019, Holy Trinity completed a 645-niche columbarium at Holy Rood consisting of two unique structures. The restored brownstone crypt contains 99 niches in the crypt interior. A seven-panel granite columbarium wall, built in the carriage way opposite the crypt, contains 546 niches.

Each of the niches can hold up to two urns. The granite faceplate on each niche can be inscribed with the names and birth and death years of the deceased.

As part of the Holy Rood project, the columbarium area has been landscaped with a variety of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs to enhance this sacred space.

Geier Brown Renfro Architects and Jack Brady Architect designed the columbarium, Crowther Landscape Architects designed the landscaping, Flaherty Iron Works, Inc. fabricated the ornamental fence and gate, and Associated Builders Inc. was the general contractor. Renowned sculptor John Dreyfuss designed the crypt cross and the bronze ceremonial stands.

Cemetery restoration includes:  

  • Redesigning and enhancing the entrance
  • Installing an ornamental fence and gate
  • Resetting the fallen headstones
  • Landscaping the cemetery
  • Repairing the roadway
  • Restoring the brownstone crypt

Holy Trinity is allocating a portion of the proceeds of columbarium niche sales to a Perpetual Care Endowment to preserve Holy Rood in perpetuity. In addition, Holy Trinity and Georgetown University have established a joint Management Committee to monitor conditions at Holy Rood and to identify future maintenance needs