Purchase a Niche

Pricing Details

The crypt is priced at $14,000 ($9,950*).

The wall is priced at $9,950 ($8,500*).

*Those who pledged to Holy Trinity during the previous calendar year will be eligible for a reduction in the niche price. Purchasers who have ancestors buried at Holy Rood will also be eligible for the price reduction.

Niche purchases can be made, interest free, in two equal installments. The first payment is due when the niche purchase contract is signed, with the balance due one year from the date of purchase. Payments can be made via check or credit card.

Niches cannot be re-sold or transferred. However, should future plans change, purchasers can return niches to Holy Trinity at the purchase price, less a 20 percent service charge.  

Purchase a Niche

You may purchase a niche at the Holy Trinity Columbarium via our online system described below, or you may email us at HTcolumbarium@trinity.org, or call the Holy Trinity Columbarium Administrator at (202) 903-2836.

Our online system has three steps. Please review all three steps before you begin. It may be helpful to print these instructions to guide you through this process.

1. Niche Selection and Ordering

  • Go to our Niche Selection Page to select your niche. Please record the Section and Niche Number you select because you will need this information when you make payment.
  • After you have selected your niche, the Niche Ordering page will appear.
  • If you are purchasing more than one niche, after you have selected the first niche, please click “Select Your Niche” at the top of the page to select another niche. Repeat this process until you have selected all of your niches before proceeding to Niche Ordering.
  • On the Niche Ordering page, please complete the purchase information form, and answer several questions to determine your eligibility for a reduced niche price. Also on the Niche Ordering page, please print copies of the “Holy Trinity Columbarium Policies and Procedures,” and the two-page sales contract, the “Holy Trinity Columbarium Contract for Right of Entombment.”
  • When you have completed the purchase information form, and have reviewed and accepted the two documents, you will be directed to submit your Niche Order. After you have submitted your Niche Order, an Order Confirmation message containing Payment Instructions will appear on your screen. (A copy of this Order Confirmation message will also be emailed to you.)  

2. Payment

  • You can pay for your niche(s) in one installment, or in two equal interest-free installments, with the second installment due one year from the date of the first payment.
  • Please note: The niche(s) you select will not be reserved until you have made full or partial payment.
  • You may not entomb remains in a niche until you have paid for it in full.

3. Documenting Your Niche Purchase

  • Please complete the Contract you have printed by: filling-in your name(s); the niche number(s); and the number of payments you select.
  • At the bottom of the second page, please print your name(s) and sign the Contract. Also fill-in your address, phone number and email address.
  • Please mail the completed Contract to:

Columbarium Administrator
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
3513 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

  • By return mail you will receive the fully-executed Contract, which you should retain with your records.
  • When you have paid for your niche(s) in full, you will receive a Certificate of Entombment for your niche(s). You must have a Certificate of Entombment to entomb cremated remains in a niche.

If you have any questions about the Holy Trinity Columbarium niche purchase process, please email us at HTcolumbarium@trinity.org, or call the Holy Trinity Columbarium Administrator at (202) 903-2801.