Donor Recognition Opportunities

The Holy Rood Cemetery restoration and columbarium project includes a number of Donor Recognition Opportunities for those interested in making a legacy contribution to Holy Trinity to support this important work.

Donors who contribute $25,000 or more are eligible to receive a complimentary niche. Donations to Holy Trinity, net of the value of any complimentary niche received, are tax deductible as permitted by law.

For the following opportunities, please contact the Holy Trinity Director of Stewardship, at or (202) 903-2843. Any sponsorship totaling $25,000 or more will include 1 optional complimentary niche.

  • Ornamental Fence — $150,000
  • Interior Crypt Restoration/Liturgical Furniture — $100,000
  • Trinity Hill Landscaping — $50,000
  • Benches — $25,000 each*
  • Trees — $2,500 each*

*May be purchased online directly using the following payment form: